Welcome To The Eco-Smart Homes by DJK Custom Homes

The Eco-Smart Homes by DJK Custom Homes are a series of distinctive custom homes that are designed and constructed to push the limits of home building to prove that sustainable, healthy, and efficient living is possible in homes that are aesthetically appealing and functional.

The Eco-Smart line of high performance custom homes designed and built by DJK Custom Homes are the very first homes of their kind in the Naperville area. DJK's Eco Smart homes are the City of Naperville's first residential homes to be built to meet LEED Platinum level certification. LEED, short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a green building program that recognizes best in class green building and environmental strategies. DJK Custom Homes achieved the highest level of LEED certification on their Grand Teton Eco Smart Home by meeting stringent prerequisites and excelling in earning points in all areas of the LEED scoring system.

A multitude of technologies and advanced products are incorporated in each Eco Smart home built by DJK Custom Homes. Areas of focus include sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor air quality, and inovative deisgn and practices. Occupants of any of DJK's Eco Smart homes can be assured that they are living in a home that is healthy for their family and the environment.

DJK Custom Homes is the leading energy efficient and green custom homebuilder in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. DJK is a devoted ENERGY STAR® partner, building each home to ENERGY STAR® certification. DJK Homes is known for building high performing homes that are designed and built to outperform the standard code for new home building. New custom homes that are built by DJK Homes provide healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient living to the homeowners. Dan Kittilsen and Kevin Kittilsen, as well as their project team at DJK Custom Homes continue to increase the energy efficiency of their custom homes year after year in order to provide healthy and comfortable living environments, save homeowners money their energy bills, and ultimately lower the impact that humans have on the environment.

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