Eco-Smart Technology: Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency 

We knew that our eco-smart home had to be every bit as efficient on water use as it is on its energy usage. In order to achieve great water efficiency while not breaking the bank we incorporated many great water efficienct features through our partnership with Delta, Mirabelle, and GE. 

Not only did we conserve water inside this home but we also did a great amount with the landscaping to reduce water usage.

Eco-Smart Features

Delta Low Flow Touch2O Faucets

  • All of the faucets in this home utilize Delta's unique Touch2O technology. All of the faucets are able to be turned on and off just by touching anywhere on the faucet. These faucets are great when you have dirty hands and are rated at 1.5 gpm. Now that is conserving water!

Delta H2O Kinetic Shower Heads 

  • More water doesn't always mean a better shower. With Delta's H20 Kinetic technology we have been able to provide each bathroom with its one unique water conserving shower head. These shower heads utilize a spinning motion to provide a feel of more water than is actually being utilized. 

Dual Flush Toilets by Mirabelle

  • Mirabelle dual flush toilets were used throughout the DJK Eco-Smart home in each bathroom. These toilets utilize only .8 gallons of water for #1 and 1.6 for #2. By utilizing these toilets we are able to greatly control and reduce overall water usage.

Efficient Clothes Washer

  • The clothes washer installed in this home is a super efficient unit from GE. Water is utilized in a much more efficient way and water usage is greatly reduced. The large capacity of the clothes washer allows more laundry to be done per load therefore reducing water and energy usage.

Efficient Dishwasher

  • More information coming soon.

Rainwater Diverted For irrigation 

  • The natural landscape of the Eco-Smart home was designed to utilize natural irrigation from rainwater for plants and trees. A swale runs down the side of the lot bringing plenty of water to over a dozen trees. A detention basin was also installed with a native butterfly and prairie grass seed mix meant for moist soils. 

No-Mow Drought Tolerant Turf

  • All of the turf in the yard is drought tolerant and requires no mowing. These turf is able to withstand droughts and requires minimal if any watering due to its deep root system.

Landscape Designed For No Additional Irrigation

  • All of the landscape plantings consist of only native plants, which are made for the environment and fit to survive off of rainwater unlike many plants that require continual watering each day.